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Beyond Transactions


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When perpetuating the paradigm of scarcity and consumption, the individual asks two questions:

What do I want?

What do I have to transact?

The transaction is the constant intravenous drip of poison, continually asking:

Am I getting the proper return for what I am relinquishing?

Scarcity is at the core of this perverse economic management of resources, for it is scarcity, whether perceived or real, that creates value in this paradigm.

Simply changing the currency, as many alternate economies propose, does nothing to eradicate the underlying perversity that the transaction perpetuates.

Imagine a paradigm driven by these two questions:

What do I have to give?

What is available?

This paradigm shift does not require the absence of scarcity, or a fundamental abundance of anything. It simply requires the individual to ask different questions.