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Hayes Valley Farm Vision Statement

March 24, 2011

Hayes Valley Farm is a Permaculture demonstration site in San Francisco and, as such, we seek a deep-seated connection to the three ethical principles which are the foundation of this design strategy. Those ethics are described as Earth Care, People Care, and Care for the Future (or, Fair Share). Within this ethical framework, much can be achieved on what was once a thoroughfare for tens of thousands of cars on their daily trek to and from the San Francisco freeway system.

Guided by a care for the earth, we believe we have a mandate to share what we have learned with others, and we are working to create educational programs which build communities and raise awareness of the possibilities of growing abundant food in an urban setting. We do so through multiple projects which demonstrate sustainability, and intend to provide useful, covered gathering spaces in which to meet and learn. These educational programs are being developed for all age groups, and can be opportunities to learn more about Urban Permaculture Design, as well as the seasonal planting strategies which inform our projects.

Guided, also, by a mandate to care for people, we seek to create new alliances with the surrounding communities, embrace a kind of diversity that welcomes all, and to make the effective use of energy that comes to the farm a truly positive experience, while fostering ever more community participation.

When guided by an ethic that mandates a care for the future, we are reminded to think beyond the communities we are building now, and consider those who will come after us and the sort of world we intend to leave them. In this regard, we seek to demonstrate that it is possible for everyone to receive their "fair share" of the things they need most. We hope to share food, resources when they are in abundance, the research we are conducting, and even our governance strategies should others wish to continue this work elsewhere. We intend to give those who come to the site the feeling that they have open access to information, the activities that take place here, and the space itself.

This vision for Hayes Valley Farm is one that keeps us accountable to the land which sustains us all, while making possible the programs and educational opportunities that might be a cornerstone for similar projects which celebrate abundant, nutrient-rich food, biodiversity, and are of benefit to all life.